The Ohana Villa website (the ‘Site’) is operated by Seguidilla Limited (“SEG”), 76 Bacolet St, Bacolet, Tobago, W.I. We can be reached by telephone at +33 6 79 05 49 86.


We require certain information regarding our guests in order to process the booking and make arrangements for their stay.  These details include full names, address, email address, and telephone numbers. We will not pass on any details to any other parties other than those operators or companies directly involved with your booking, unless required to do so by a law official or a court of law.


A 40% non-refundable deposit of the rental is required to confirm the booking, with the balance due 8 weeks prior to arrival. The balance is refundable up to 4 weeks prior to arrival. The deposit and balance is not refundable less than 4 weeks prior to arrival. The damage deposit must be paid along with the rental, and is returned (less damages and international phone calls) not more than 21 days after departure.


The Contact shall be between the SEG and the GUEST on the basis of these Conditions. By making a booking the GUEST confirms that all persons named in the booking have agreed to be bound by these Conditions and all other terms of the contract.

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